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Goal of this tutorial

While teaching an Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) class, we slowly modified a model to create a (simplified) model of Westeros' political and magical dynamics. Through this tutorial, you can learn some NetLogo concepts while building your own Game of Thrones ABM. At the end of the tutorial, you will be ready to add your own variations. 

Scroll down for the list of tutorials, or use the top bar to navigate through them. At the end of each step, you will be able to access a finished copy of the model on, a repository for agent-based models.

*Note that this website works much better on a desktop than on a phone (in fact, code blocks are only available on the desktop version).

**The ASOIAF setting, characters, and story is Copyright of George R.R. Martin. This model is our simplified interpretation of it.

Wolf Sheep Predation view.png
Step 1. Wolf-sheep predation model

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download the Netlogo software and how to access free ABM models from the NetLogo Models Library. 

You will also learn how to make small variants to those sample models to fit your research purposes.

Step 2. Add people

In this tutorial, you will make changes to the Interface to add a new scenario. You will also create a new breed of agents. You will make them move, eat, reproduce, and die.

Step 3. Set up the Westeros map

In this tutorial, you will adapt the code to change the landscape and create Westeros. You will use the Westeros political geography to assign each human to their house.

Step 4. Add networks

In this tutorial, you will add castles and cities linked by roads. You will also learn about the nw extension, which you will use to calculate which house has the highest centrality measures.

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Step 5. Add conflicts

In this tutorial, you will introduce the different houses to the Prisonner's dilemma game. The winning house will increase its territory, slowly taking over Westeros. 

Step 6. Change the population size

In this tutorial, you will use Game of Thrones data to set up different population sizes per kingdoms. This will help you learn how to call data from GIS vectors.

Step 7. Add seasons

Winter is coming! In this tutorial, you will use counters and random numbers to create erratic seasons that can start anytime and that brings whitewalkers.

Step 8. Add obsidian

In this tutorial, you will set up a network of obsidian distribution and exchange, which will help humans defeat whitewalkers. The different ways in which you set up the networks may affect who wins Westeros.

Step 8. Add dragons

This will be the last tutorial. At this point, you should have learned enough to get around NetLogo. In this tutorial, you will create a new breed of dragons that can fly fast over Westeros and kill whitewalkers.

Snowy Forest

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